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A man has been charged with murder after allegedly fatally stabbing his wife during a Bible study session in St.


Witnesses claim the couple seemed to be getting along before Robert Castillo stabbed his wife, Karina Woodhall, repeatedly.

According to the criminal complaint, Castillo and Woodhall had stopped living together about a month ago, but the reason behind it is unclear.

Those who knew Woodhall claim she was a bright and encouraging individual who used her own life experiences to give hope to others.

Domestic violence is suspected to be the motive behind the murder, as leaving an abusive partner can often be a dangerous time for the victim.

Minnesota saw 25 domestic violence-related homicides in 2021, and so far in 2022, there have been at least seven.

Resources such as the national domestic violence hotline and the day one crisis line are available to help those in need.

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