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DJ Fields’ Killer Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison

In a shocking turn of events, the man responsible for the death of former Bluffton High School football player DJ Fields, named Jimmie Green, pleaded guilty and received a 40-year prison sentence.

The deadly shooting occurred in 2021 along Bluffton Parkway, leaving the community in mourning.

Originally scheduled for a jury trial with 29 witnesses, Green’s decision to change his plea altered the course of the proceedings.

Just hours before the trial was set to begin, a Beaufort County judge handed down the sentence, providing some closure to Fields’ grieving family.

Apart from the murder of DJ Fields, Green faced five other indictments, for which he also pleaded guilty.

These charges included two counts of attempted murder for the passengers who were in the car with Fields at the time, as well as three counts of assault and battery by mob for first, second, and third degrees.

The impact of the tragic incident extended beyond the loss of life.

One passenger in the vehicle suffered two gunshot wounds to the face, while the other sustained injuries from the subsequent car crash, which occurred after Fields’ death and the loss of control over the vehicle.

Solicitor Issac Stone expressed his hope that the verdict would bring comfort to DJ Fields’ family and the other victims of this senseless attack.

However, the community continues to demand further action and answers.

Tim Wood, a Bluffton community member, took to Facebook, calling for additional measures to be taken.

As for the remaining defendants, their court appearances have yet to be scheduled.

Community members eagerly await these proceedings, as they seek closure and answers for the affected families.

The tragic loss of DJ Fields serves as a painful reminder of the devastating consequences of such violence.

The hope is that justice will prevail and that the community can heal from this heartbreaking incident.

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