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Man arrested for setting off homemade explosives in casino parking garage

Milwaukee police have arrested 48-year-old Dennis Beard for detonating homemade explosives in the parking structure of Potawattamie Casino on Sunday.

Beard reportedly used a Mountain Dew bottle and a protein milk bottle filled with a mixture of acid and aluminum foil to create the explosive devices.

Surveillance video caught Beard dumping the bottles out of his car before driving off.

One of the bottles exploded, and the other began to smoke but did not detonate.

Former ATF Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Joe Lee, warned that these improvised explosive devices can be extremely dangerous to those making them and anyone nearby.

Investigators found acid, aluminum foil, and another bottle filled with the explosive ingredients in Beard’s New Berlin home.

Beard admitted to setting off the explosions at the casino after watching online videos on how to make loud explosions, calling his actions “stupid.”

No injuries were reported, but Beard could face up to 12 years in prison if convicted.

The surveillance video helped police track him down, and he is due in court soon.

The incident raises concerns about the dangers of homemade explosives and the need for greater vigilance in preventing their use.

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