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Man Arrested for Assault and Threatening Residents with Explosives in Pullman

In a shocking incident in Pullman, Washington, a man has been apprehended by the local police for first-degree assault and threatening residents with a potential explosive device.

The authorities have reported that additional charges may be added as the investigation progresses, indicating the severity of the situation.

According to the Pullman Police Department, the incident took place on the 400 block of Morton St., where the suspect allegedly attempted to set a friend’s apartment on fire before turning his attention to the residents.

The man’s actions prompted an immediate response from law enforcement.

Officers swiftly arrived at the scene and successfully took the individual into custody for first-degree assault.

However, due to concerns regarding the potential explosive device in his possession, authorities have called in the assistance of the Spokane bomb squad.

The specialized team is en route to the Palouse region to safely remove any potential explosives and neutralize the threat.

While the current situation does not pose an active threat, authorities have established a perimeter around the area as a precautionary measure.

The presence of the bomb squad is crucial to ensuring the safety of the community, and their thorough examination will be necessary to clear the surrounding vicinity.

The Pullman Police Department has urged residents to remain calm and assured them that there is no immediate danger.

However, the ongoing investigation and the involvement of the bomb squad highlight the seriousness of the incident.

Authorities are working diligently to gather more information and ensure the safety and security of the affected area.

As this story continues to develop, further updates will be provided by local law enforcement.

The community is advised to stay tuned to reliable sources for the latest information and to follow any instructions or guidelines issued by the authorities.

We will keep you informed on this breaking news as more details emerge.

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