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T-Mobile and Californian Police Suffer Another Major Data Breach

In a recent wave of cybersecurity incidents, both T-Mobile and the Californian Police Department have fallen victim to yet another significant data breach.

These latest breaches have once again raised concerns about the security of personal information in the digital age.

T-Mobile, a prominent mobile network operator, admitted that a retailer associated with the company was hacked in late April.

Approximately 18,000 former employees had their Social Security numbers stolen in the breach.

While T-Mobile downplays the risk of data misuse, the stolen information can potentially be exploited for identity theft.

This incident marks the second major data breach reported by T-Mobile in the past month.

Just over a week ago, a leak affecting hundreds of T-Mobile customers was also reported.

Furthermore, in January of this year, a breach resulted in the theft of data belonging to 37 million users.

NextGen, a major American healthcare provider, also suffered a significant security breach earlier this year.

According to a report presented to the government, the data of over a million customers has been leaked.

The compromised information includes names, dates of birth, addresses, and Social Security numbers of individuals across the United States.

While NextGen claims that no health records have been accessed and no instances of data misuse have been identified so far, the company has offered affected individuals free identity theft monitoring services.

In another cybersecurity incident, Capita, a British outsourcing company, recently admitted to a hack that is projected to result in damages exceeding $25 million.

The breach occurred in late March, but confirmation came much later.

Capita’s internal systems were disrupted, and a significant amount of data was stolen.

The responsibility for the hack has been claimed by Black Basta, a well-known cybercriminal gang specializing in extortion.

Meanwhile, in California, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department revealed that it paid over one million dollars to a ransomware gang in April after being virtually paralyzed by a cyber attack.

To continue its operations, the department had to resort to using old-school technology.

While paying ransom demands goes against official guidelines, the police representative believed it was the responsible course of action.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that cybercriminals will keep their word, but in this instance, the payment appears to have proceeded smoothly.

Skybound Entertainment, the creator of the popular Walking Dead video game series, fell victim to a cyber attack resulting in the sale of its data on the dark web.

The stolen data includes the game’s source code and personal information of over 200,000 users and employees.

Additionally, personal details of celebrities who collaborated with Skybound were also reportedly included in the leak.

Lastly, Bristol Community College, located in Massachusetts, reported a data breach where the Social Security numbers of over 50,000 individuals were stolen.

The college, with nearly thirty thousand students and several hundred staff, has initiated an investigation into the breach and has reported the intrusion to the authorities.

Affected individuals will be provided with free credit monitoring to safeguard against potential identity-based fraud.

These recent data breaches serve as reminders of the pressing need for stronger cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive personal information.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, individuals and organizations must remain vigilant to mitigate the risks posed by cybercriminals.

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