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Maine Weather Forecast: Rainy and Cloudy Conditions Persist, Cooler Temperatures Expected

In the latest update from NEWS CENTER Maine, the weather forecast for Tuesday, May 16th indicates a mixture of conditions across the state.

Southern Maine experienced cloudy skies, while northern Maine had rainfall.

The meteorologist acknowledges the variability and refrains from making any definitive statements to avoid potential criticism.

The radar in Gray, Maine, which helps track precipitation, is currently malfunctioning, making it challenging to accurately determine the rainfall distribution.

However, the satellite imagery shows widespread cloud cover with limited breaks.

Although clouds have been dissipating over New Hampshire throughout the day, they have not yet cleared in southern and central Maine.

Temperature-wise, Portland is at 67 degrees Fahrenheit, Sanford at 70 degrees, and Fryeburg at 72 degrees.

However, in northern Maine, temperatures are in the upper 40s, highlighting the cooler conditions associated with the rain.

As the front responsible for the rainfall moves southward overnight, it will weaken, resulting in diminishing moisture.

Consequently, the rain will transition into showers and eventually just a sprinkle along the coastline by late evening.

The weather for tomorrow is expected to be more autumnal, with breezy conditions and temperatures hovering around 50 degrees.

Some areas may even remain in the 40s, with isolated sprinkles in Down East Maine and a chance of snow flurries in northern Maine due to the cool middle atmosphere.

Thursday morning could bring freezing temperatures in certain locations, but by the afternoon, the weather will improve, reaching the 60s.

Friday appears to be a favorable day, but there is a watch for rain over the weekend.

The timing of the rainfall remains uncertain, with a possibility of rain arriving late on Saturday afternoon and continuing into Saturday night.

However, the forecaster remains optimistic, hoping that the rain will clear by Sunday morning, allowing for a mostly dry weekend.

Monday will have a mix of sun and clouds, followed by mostly sunny conditions on Tuesday.

Looking ahead to Memorial Day, the meteorologist notes the difficulty in predicting weather patterns for this holiday.

While the current outlook appears promising, historical data indicates that Memorial Day can be unpredictable in Maine.

Nonetheless, the meteorologist advises relying on the more consistent weather during Labor Day for planning outdoor activities.

Stay tuned for further updates as the forecast develops.

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