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Maine Braces for Heavy Snow and Wind Gusts

Maine residents are preparing for heavy snow and gusty winds as a low pressure system from the Carolinas moves up the coast, bringing a mix of rain and snow.

While some coastal areas may experience rain, most of the state is expected to receive heavy and wet snow, with one to three inches per hour in some places.

The snow will be quite heavy along the coast, and there may be dry air circulating in, causing snow totals to vary from one town to the next.

Wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour are also expected, potentially causing power outages due to trees and limbs snapping.

The impact of the storm is expected to last through Wednesday, with total snowfall amounts ranging from six to ten inches for most of the state south of Route 2, and up to 10 inches in the foothills southwest of Maine.

However, northern Maine is likely to receive less snowfall.

The storm is set to clear on Wednesday, and a new system is expected to move in later in the week, but with less impact.

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