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Maine Maple syrup producers are eagerly preparing for the annual Maine Maple Sunday Weekend, a highly anticipated event that marks the start of spring.

Hundreds of local producers are finishing up their batches just in time for the expected crowds, with an estimated 2,000 customers set to attend.

One producer, Josh Nipping of Back Ridge Sugarhouse in Winterport, is investing in an oil-burning evaporator and vacuum tubing system to keep up with the demand.

He expects to produce just over 70 gallons of syrup this year.

Another team, Melissa and Jim Kearns of Doc Grove Farm in Dover-Foxcroft, will be participating in their first Maple weekend, having produced 13 gallons of syrup so far.

To celebrate the event, Back Ridge Sugarhouse will host a raffle to raise funds for Operation Reboot, which provides fishing and hunting trips for veterans in the state.

The weekend is a beloved tradition for both producers and customers, with the community encouraged to come out and support local businesses.

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