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Macon County secures $29M for Bridge Upgrade

Macon County officials have announced that they have secured the $29 million needed to upgrade Ray’s Bridge, a rundown bridge that used to be the main route for semis through Decatur.

The bridge’s decline had forced trucks to take other routes on busier roads, causing traffic and safety concerns.

The funding for the bridge upgrade comes from a combination of state, federal, local funds, and investments.

However, officials must wait until May to hear the bids and hope that they have enough funds to cover the project.

While the cost of the project may be high, officials emphasize that it is crucial for the economic development of the area and the safety of its residents.

Construction could begin as early as July if they have enough funds, with the project expected to take around two years to complete.

Some residents expressed frustration with the cost of the project, noting that just a few years ago, it was estimated to be around $18 million.

However, officials assert that the bridge upgrade is necessary and will benefit the community in the long run.

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