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Louisville, KY – In a historic move, Kentucky Governor Beshear has appointed Darina Weathers as the new Commonwealth’s Attorney for Jefferson County, making her the first Black woman to hold this position.

Weathers will assume her duties starting this Friday, following the recent passing of Tom Wine.

Darina Weathers brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having most recently served as the Secretary of the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet.

Her appointment marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of diversity and inclusion within the criminal justice system.

The appointment of Weathers comes after the untimely death of Tom Wine, who had served as the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Jefferson County.

Wine’s passing earlier this month left a vacancy that has now been filled by Weathers, who is poised to bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy to the position.

As the new lead prosecutor, Weathers will be responsible for overseeing criminal cases in Jefferson County and ensuring that justice is served.

Her appointment sends a powerful message of progress and empowerment, breaking barriers and opening doors for future generations of Black women in the legal field.

Governor Beshear’s decision to appoint Weathers reflects a commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the state’s government institutions.

By selecting a qualified candidate who brings a unique perspective to the role, the governor has taken a significant step towards fostering a more equitable and representative justice system.

The appointment of Darina Weathers as the first Black woman to serve as the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Jefferson County is a groundbreaking moment in the history of Louisville.

Her leadership and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the pursuit of justice and the advancement of equal opportunities within the legal profession.

This historic milestone serves as a reminder of the progress that can be achieved when individuals from diverse backgrounds are given the opportunity to lead and shape our communities.

It is a moment of celebration and hope, as Louisville takes a significant step towards a more inclusive and equitable future.

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