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Louisville Weather Forecast: Chilly Start to the Week, Warmer Midweek
Chief meteorologist Jay Cardosi provided a weather update for Louisville on Sunday, April 17th.

He mentioned that the day’s high temperature was 77 degrees, which occurred after midnight.

The temperature had been dropping since then and had reached 50 degrees by the evening.

The humidity was at 56% and there were mostly cloudy skies with some light rain showers to the south of the city.
Cardosi noted that the weather would continue to be cloudy, breezy, and chilly for the next 24 to 36 hours due to a massive swirl in the upper atmosphere centered in Wisconsin.

However, he predicted that things would start to warm up by midweek.
On Monday, the temperature would start off in the low to middle forties with passing clouds, especially in the northern half of the viewing area.

However, there would be lots of sunshine in the mid to late afternoon and the temperature would reach the upper fifties to near 60.
Tuesday morning would be chilly with a chance of patchy frost, but the temperature would recover in the afternoon to close to 70.

The temperature would continue to rise throughout the week, reaching the 80s on Wednesday and Thursday.
Overall, the weather in Louisville would be chilly at the start of the week but would gradually warm up as the week progresses.

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