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Deer Park residents were kept awake by loud rumblings following a fire at the Shell Chemical Plant.

The incident occurred on Friday night, and some neighbors reported hearing the noises throughout the night.

The fire broke out on Friday afternoon and was brought under control, but remnants of white smoke could still be seen the next morning.

Video footage captured dark clouds of smoke billowing from the plant.

John Hollywood, one of the affected residents, described the noise as resembling a running jet engine and lodged a complaint with the Deer Park Police Department.

Emergency responders worked diligently to contain the fire, which was confined to a specific area of the facility undergoing routine maintenance.

The fire is believed to have been ignited by cracked heavy gas, oil, and gasoline.

Despite the incident, Harris County did not issue a shelter-in-place order, as ongoing air monitoring by Shell indicated no dangerous levels of chemicals in the surrounding community.

Nine contract workers were evaluated at the hospital but have since been released.

Residents reported that the loud rumblings ceased around 4 o’clock in the morning.

Shell authorities are now focused on determining the cause of the fire.

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