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A Los Angeles city volunteer is recovering after a terrifying bee attack that was captured on live TV.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon in an Encino neighborhood.

The volunteer, who works with the Los Angeles Police Department West Valley Division, was among a group of volunteers assisting with traffic control when hundreds of bees swarmed in the area.

The bees had been disturbed after their hive under a home’s eaves was somehow disrupted.

The attack left the volunteer gravely injured, with severe facial stings and a fractured eye socket.

He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he remains under treatment.

The news of the attack shocked the neighborhood, as residents were not accustomed to such dangerous encounters with bees.

Eyewitnesses recounted their experiences, describing the chaos and panic caused by the aggressive bees.

One woman had just arrived home when she noticed the swarm and quickly retreated to the safety of her car.

Another neighbor, Marcela Rodriguez, was not as fortunate and found herself under attack when she stepped out of her parked car.

It is unclear how many people were stung during the incident, but given the intensity of the swarm, multiple injuries were reported.

Bee experts explained that the bees were likely defending their hive and offspring, displaying a highly protective nature.

Due to the risk posed by the bees, a decision was made to exterminate them.

Removing the hive would have been a time-consuming process that could have resulted in further stings and injuries to both residents and emergency personnel.

The community has rallied around the injured volunteer, expressing their concern and support.

The volunteer, responsible for his own medical expenses as an LAPD volunteer officer, has had a GoFundMe page set up by his son to help cover the costs.

The news outlet has shared the information on their website, encouraging people to contribute to the cause.

As the volunteer continues to recover, the incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers posed by bee attacks and the need for caution when dealing with aggressive swarms.

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