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Los Angeles Sheriff Orders Deputies to Show Tattoos and be Interviewed about Alleged Gangs

Los Angeles County Sheriff, Robert Luna, has issued a directive requiring all deputies to participate in interviews conducted by Inspector General Max Huntsman’s office regarding allegations of deputy gangs, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

In response to a summon by the County Inspector General investigating deputy gangs, approximately 35 LA County deputies have been notified and requested to appear for interviews.

These interviews aim to gather information about the existence of deputy gangs and any potential involvement of the deputies.

Additionally, the notice also instructed the deputies to reveal any tattoos they may have that could be associated with alleged deputy gangs.

The request for interviews and disclosure of tattoos has raised concerns about constitutional rights, voiced by the union representing the deputies.

However, Sheriff Robert Luna has addressed these concerns by issuing a memo directing the deputies to cooperate fully and provide honest information during the interviews.

The Sheriff’s Department has expressed its support for any investigation that aims to uncover wrongdoing.

While the deputies’ union remains concerned about the request, the investigation into deputy gangs continues.

The details surrounding these alleged gangs and their potential impact on the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are yet to be fully revealed.

The Lakers were unable to provide further comments on this matter.

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