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Los Angeles schools are facing a potential shutdown as thousands of workers from the Los Angeles Unified School District are threatening to strike, beginning Tuesday.

The workers, including teachers, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers, are prepared to walk the picket lines, which would force the cancellation of classes for about half a million school children.

The strike is being driven by Service Employees International United Local 99 (SEIU), which represents 30,000 bus drivers, custodians, and other support workers who have been without a contract since June of 2020.

Last week, members of SEIU announced their three-day strike plan, which has the support of the powerful teachers union.

The coordinated walkout of about 60,000 workers will force a systemwide shutdown, among other goals, as SEIU is seeking a 30% pay raise.

The district is currently offering about 15% plus a bonus.

Bus drivers make an average of less than $32,000 a year, and many instructional aides are making far less than that.

The strike is looking imminent, and contingency plans are being put in place, including parents preparing for the possibility of their children not having school for several days.

LA Mayor Karen Bass is monitoring the situation and engaged with all involved parties, but both sides are far apart from a deal.

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