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Tens of thousands of union workers in the Los Angeles Unified School District are planning to go on strike for three days next week, leading to the temporary closure of schools.

The strike is a result of stalled contract talks between the unions and the school district.

Negotiations have been ongoing for months, but there are few signs of progress on issues such as work conditions and pay.

Local 99 of SEIU, which represents over 30,000 school support staff like custodians, cafeteria workers, special educators, and bus drivers, is demanding more staff and a 30% pay increase.

The LA Teachers Union, which represents another 30,000 employees, will honor the picket lines in solidarity.

If the unions and the school district don’t come to an agreement before Tuesday, more than half a million students may be out of school for three days.

The district has offered a 15% increase in pay and a 10% cash offer, in addition to improvements to the minimum wage, but SEIU says discussions are stalled.

LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Cavallo has stated that the district will not offer more than it can support, and that it will work to provide food and possibly childcare for the children affected by the strike.

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