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Lori Vallow, also known as the Doomsday mom, is currently facing charges for allegedly killing her two children in 2019.

However, her defense has recently requested the judge to stop the prosecutors from seeking the death penalty against her.

While some believe that Vallow should be eligible for the death penalty, it is generally rare for a mother to be sentenced to death for killing her own children.

Additionally, Vallow’s mental illness may also be a factor in whether or not she will be eligible for the death penalty.

Despite the defense’s request, it is unlikely that the judge will entertain it, and asking for the death penalty can give the prosecutors an edge by conditioning the jury to be more pro-law enforcement.

While Chad Day Bell, Vallow’s fourth husband and alleged accomplice, is more likely to receive the death penalty, it is uncertain whether Vallow will face the same fate.

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