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Lori Vallow Trial: Arizona PI Reflects on Case

GILBERT, Arizona – As the trial of Lori Vallow reaches its conclusion, a private investigator from Arizona who was involved in the case from the early stages is taking time to reflect on the peculiarities surrounding it.

The trial, which captivated the nation, centers around the tragic deaths of Lori Vallow’s two children.

The sentencing is scheduled to take place in approximately three months.

The Vallow family had lived in the Valley before relocating to Idaho, where the children were murdered.

One of the victims, little JJ Vallow, was only seven years old and attended Lawrence Institute for Education or Life in Gilbert.

His classmates and staff members at the school remain devastated by his untimely death.

In an interview with FOX 10’s Lauren Clark, a private investigator who was hired by the family to search for JJ and Tylee after Lori moved them to Idaho shared his perspective.

“This is one of the stranger cases I’ve been involved in.

It was the case that captivated the nation,” said Richard Robertson, the private investigator.

The case was rife with references to cults and the mysterious death of Charles Valois, creating a complex web of clues for Robertson to unravel.

Months passed as Lori and her children remained missing, and Robertson worked tirelessly to piece together the puzzle.

“Just at that point, we’re starting to disappear, and the kids were disappearing.

You know, people were dropping dead,” he remarked.

The case was filled with shocking details and bizarre twists, leaving many questions unanswered.

Now, as Lori Vallow is officially convicted in the deaths of her two children, Robertson acknowledges that some of the motives behind the tragic events may never be fully understood.

“In this particular case, no matter how many trials we have, we’re not really going to know the answers as to the motives.

We know a lot about what happened, but the why is still kind of elusive,” he explained.

Amidst the shocking details and twists, it is important to remember the profound sadness and loss experienced by the affected family.

Today’s verdict cannot replace the pain they have endured.

The grandparents of JJ Vallow issued a statement expressing gratitude for the verdict and emphasizing their continued support for the family.

The pain they have endured will not fade away easily.

As the trial comes to a close, the community remains united in remembering the lives lost and offering support to those affected.

The tragic events surrounding the Lori Vallow case serve as a somber reminder that healing and closure will be a long and arduous journey.

Reporting from Gilbert, this is Lauren Clark for FOX 10.

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