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Lori Vallow Trial: Verdict Watch as Jury Deliberates Murder Case

The murder trial of Lori Vallow, known as the ‘Doomsday Mom,’ has reached a crucial stage as the jury begins its deliberations.

Lawyers for both the prosecution and the defense presented their closing arguments on May 11, setting the stage for the final decision.

The jury, consisting of 12 individuals – seven men and five women, have been deliberating for several hours.

As the verdict watch continues, the tension rises in the courtroom.

News reporters have observed that the jury ordered pizza and is working late into the night to reach a conclusion.

During the closing arguments, the prosecution emphasized their theory that the case revolves around money, power, and sex.

Lead prosecutor Rob Wood alleged that Lori Vallow and her alleged co-conspirator, Chad Daybell, were responsible for a sequence of events leading to three murders.

Wood asserted that Vallow, as the leader, manipulated her late brother Alex Cox to carry out the killings.

He pointed out that Vallow moved her children from Chandler to Rexburg to evade detection and continued to collect social security benefits months after the murders.

Wood made it clear that the case was not solely about religion, despite the mention of end-of-the-world beliefs and dark spirits.

In contrast, Vallow’s defense attorney, Jim Archibald, focused on blaming Chad Daybell for the crimes.

Archibald portrayed Vallow as a victim who fell under Daybell’s influence, even comparing her perception of Daybell as Jesus to a mistake.

The defense did not call any witnesses but instead argued that there was no concrete evidence implicating Vallow in the murders.

As the deliberations continue, both sides await the jury’s decision.

The prosecution insists on a conviction for each count, linking Vallow to the murders of Ryan, JJ, Tylee, and Tammy Daybell.

The defense maintains that there is no proof of Vallow’s direct involvement in the killings.

The jury took a break for dinner, and it is expected that they will resume their deliberations afterward.

The public remains on edge, eagerly awaiting news of a verdict in this high-profile trial.

Updates will be provided as soon as a decision is reached.

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