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Lori Lightfoot bids farewell as Chicago Mayoral tenure comes to a close

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot delivered a heartfelt farewell speech to the city on Monday afternoon as her time in office draws to an end.

Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson is set to officially assume office on Monday, May 15.

During her speech, Lightfoot expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve as the city’s mayor for the past four years.

She assured the residents that she would remain in office until the inauguration of Brandon Johnson.

Lightfoot highlighted the significant investments made by the city during her tenure, amounting to over $2 billion.

These investments were directed towards various areas, including the establishment of a youth gang intervention center.

The mayor also addressed the emotional toll of leaving the city amid the ongoing pandemic.

As she prepares to step down from her position, Mayor Lori Lightfoot gathered with those who served and worked alongside her for a farewell event.

People commended her efforts to keep the residents safe, comfortable, and to provide opportunities for a better life for their children.

Throughout her time as mayor, Lightfoot aimed to challenge the status quo and promote trust in Chicago.

She prioritized equity and inclusion, implementing initiatives such as the Southwest Program and raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Affordable housing and mental health services received increased funding, with the allocation rising from $12 million to $89 million under her leadership.

The mayor also expressed gratitude to Dr.

Allison Arwady, the city’s Public Health Commissioner, for her guidance during the COVID-19 crisis.

Lightfoot acknowledged the immense stress she faced during the pandemic but credited her resilience to the support she received from the community.

While she did not directly address the issue of crime during her farewell speech, Lightfoot conveyed optimism for the future and emphasized her belief that she had done everything in her power to make Chicago a thriving and welcoming city.

Looking ahead, Lightfoot affirmed that her work is not yet finished.

Although she will transition into the role of a private citizen, she pledged to continue supporting and advocating for the city and its residents.

The mayor also took a moment to acknowledge Candace Moore, her Chief Equity Officer, who was present at the farewell gathering.

However, Lightfoot did not mention Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson by name during her speech.

Johnson’s inauguration is scheduled to take place one week from today.

As Lori Lightfoot concluded her speech, she expressed her unwavering commitment to Chicago and its inhabitants.

She assured them that even in her new role, she would remain invested in the city’s progress and prosperity.

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