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Long Beach Man Drives to Utah to Kill Brother, Sets Fire to His Home Before Dying in Police Shootout

A Long Beach man embarked on a chilling journey that ended in tragedy as he drove approximately 12 hours to Utah with the intention of killing his own brother and setting fire to his residence.

The harrowing sequence of events culminated in a fatal shootout with law enforcement officers, according to authorities.

The perpetrator, identified as 66-year-old Jeffrey Roberts, left his home in Long Beach, California, and traveled roughly 750 miles to his brother’s house located north of Salt Lake City.

The incident unfolded on April 27th in North Ogden, Utah, and investigators have since released footage captured by body-worn cameras and a doorbell security camera.

In the video, Jeffrey Roberts can be seen approaching the front door of his brother’s house around 7 p.m.

After engaging in a brief conversation about their mother, Jeffrey suddenly brandished a firearm and began firing at his brother, forcing his way inside the residence.

The sound of gunshots prompted concerned neighbors to alert the police.

Upon hearing the commotion, responding officers swiftly arrived at the scene.

Moments later, Jeffrey was observed leaving the house, only to return armed with a pump-action shotgun and a duffel bag.

Authorities believe he used road flares to ignite the house before law enforcement could intervene.

Almost immediately upon their arrival, Jeffrey Roberts opened fire on the police officers, resulting in a fatal exchange of gunfire.

Body camera footage revealed smoke billowing from the engulfed house, accompanied by blaring fire alarms.

The investigation confirmed that Scott Roberts, Jeffrey’s brother, was found dead, while his wife Jodi sustained injuries.

Additionally, authorities recovered a 9-millimeter handgun, 23 fully loaded magazines, a 12-gauge shotgun, and a bag of ammunition at the scene.

Those who knew Jeffrey Roberts for over 40 years expressed shock and disbelief at his violent actions, describing him as a non-violent individual who had never married or had children.

He was known to have a wide circle of friends and was deeply devoted to his family, especially his mother.

The tragic events leading up to this unsettling incident remain unclear, leaving friends and acquaintances searching for answers to what caused Jeffrey Roberts to perpetrate such a heinous act.

The community now grapples with the aftermath of this heartbreaking tragedy, mourning the loss of Scott Roberts and offering support to his injured wife Jodi.

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