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Local Store Samurai Snacks in Aiea to Close Doors on May 24

Aiea, Hawaii – In a disappointing announcement on Friday, Samurai Snacks, a long-standing local store in Aiea, revealed that it would be permanently closing its doors on May 24.

The store cited financial difficulties as the reason for its closure and has initiated a clearance sale to sell off all its inventory.

The news of the closure came as a shock to many loyal customers, who gathered in long lines outside Samurai Snacks to take advantage of the clearance sale.

After serving the community for 20 years, the store has become a favorite spot for locals.

However, like numerous other small businesses in the area, Samurai Snacks has struggled due to factors such as increased rent, the pandemic, and the impact of minimum wage laws.

Mari Kimoto, a member of the family that owns Samurai Snacks, expressed the challenges the store has faced in recent times.

“My mom worked so hard over the last 20 years.

The pandemic has been hard, and the shutdown, inflation, shortage of workers,” she said.

The closure of Samurai Snacks is another blow to the local business community, which has already witnessed the shuttering of many other beloved establishments.

Customers expressed their sadness over the loss of yet another business in the area.

One customer lamented, “I heard they were closing, and it’s my wife’s favorite ice cream.”

The closure of neighboring businesses has also added to the somber atmosphere.

Aiea Chop Suey, which had been operating for over 60 years, permanently closed its doors in February.

Stephanie Scott, a local resident, reflected on the situation, saying, “A lot of places that were here when I was growing up are closing down.”

The owners of Samurai Snacks took the opportunity to urge the community to support local businesses.

They emphasized the importance of shopping locally and encouraged people to show their support whenever possible.

“I just want to encourage people to buy from local businesses,” said Mari Kimoto.

While the Aiea location of Samurai Snacks will be closing, the store’s branch in Kalihi will remain open.

Products from the Kalihi store will still be available at larger retail outlets, offering some consolation to loyal customers.

As the closure date approaches, customers are making their final visits to Samurai Snacks, cherishing their favorite treats one last time.

The store’s closure serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by small businesses, urging the community to rally around and support them.

In the midst of recent showers, the closure of Samurai Snacks weighs heavily on the minds of locals as they prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The loss of another cherished establishment emphasizes the importance of preserving and supporting local businesses in Hawaii.

Nikki Schenfeld reporting for KHON2 News, working for Hawaii.

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