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Local Mom Pushes for Stop Arm Cameras After Video Captures Illegal Passing of School Buses

A concerned mother in Rome, Georgia is pushing for stop arm cameras to be installed on school buses in her district after capturing evidence of drivers illegally passing stopped buses.

Hannah Freeman and her husband installed home security cameras after becoming increasingly worried about the frequency of these dangerous passings.

Freeman shared her concerns with Rome City School leaders in hopes that they would take action to prevent these incidents.

The family’s video footage shows drivers ignoring the flashing red lights of a stopped school bus, putting students at risk.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people looking down at their phones,” Freeman said.

As the mother of two children with autism, Freeman is particularly concerned about their safety when getting on and off the bus each day.

She is urging Rome City Schools to follow the lead of other districts in Georgia, such as Atlanta Public Schools and Clayton County Schools, who have installed stop arm cameras on their buses to deter drivers from breaking the law.

In response to Freeman’s concerns, Rome City Schools says they are taking the matter seriously and are in discussions with city leaders and police about how to address the issue.

They are also considering the need for stop arm cameras and encouraging bus drivers and other drivers to report any incidents of illegal passing.

Freeman hopes that by raising awareness about this issue, she can help ensure the safety of all children who ride school buses in her community.

“I don’t want my child getting hurt and I certainly don’t want somebody else’s child getting hurt,” she said.

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