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Local Group Volunteers to Clean Up Dog Waste at Harrison Hollow Preserve

On Saturday, a local group called Furry Friends in the Foothills organized a volunteer event to clean up dog waste left behind by other dog owners at Harrison Hollow Preserve in the foothills.

The group asked dog owners to leave their furry friends at home for the day to focus on picking up dog poop in the area.

Harrison Hollow Preserve is a popular destination for dog owners, providing a wonderful resource for year-round walks.

However, the recent presence of E.

coli in the water and surrounding environment has raised concerns about the impact of dog waste on the area.

The group stressed the importance of keeping the preserve clean for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

The group also warned that the city could enforce new regulations if dog owners do not take responsibility for picking up after their pets.

As a temporary measure, the group plans to do everything they can to keep the trail clean and enforce leash laws.

Despite the group’s efforts to make it easier for dog owners to dispose of dog waste, they still had to pick up poop left behind by irresponsible pet owners.

The group emphasized that everyone needs to do their part to keep the environment clean and safe for all.

Harrison Hollow Preserve has become a local favorite for dog owners, especially for seniors who come to walk with their furry companions.

The volunteer event showed how much the community values this resource and the importance of taking care of it.

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