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Local Dog Rescuer Making a Difference in Kern County

Despite the ongoing issue of full animal shelters and dog dumping in Kern County, local dog rescuer Gina Rolow is not giving up.

Rolow and her organization, Rescuing Abandoned Dogs (RAD), are dedicated to rescuing stray dogs in the area and spreading awareness about spaying and neutering.

Rolow’s passion for rescuing dogs began when she noticed dogs hanging around her gym and witnessed the mistreatment of a dog with an injured hip.

She began leaving food and water out for the strays and recruiting fellow animal lovers to help with the effort.

RAD has been in operation for four years and is focused on changing the community’s mindset about animal welfare.

Rolow encourages education about spaying and neutering, as well as raising awareness about the accessibility and affordability of these procedures.

While the task of rescuing abandoned dogs can be emotionally draining, Rolow and her team continue to work tirelessly to make a difference.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, as the community has rallied behind RAD’s cause.

To learn more about RAD’s work or to get involved, visit their Facebook page or

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