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Title: Local Community Saves Money by Utilizing Independent Doctors and Services

In an effort to combat rising healthcare costs, a local community has turned to independent doctors and businesses to provide affordable healthcare options for its public employees.

The News 5 Investigators have delved into this innovative approach to lowering healthcare expenses.

The district faced significant challenges in healthcare costs in 2019, with a surge in high claims that took a toll on their finances as a self-insured entity.

Seeking solutions to save money, the district chose to explore options outside the conventional healthcare system.

Instead of opting for large medical facilities, they ventured down a small, poorly patched street in Ashtabula to find an answer.

Inside a historic home on this obscure street, Bryce Time, the CEO of an IT and risk management consultancy, is spearheading an initiative to revolutionize the broken business of healthcare.

Time’s consultancy assists employers in systematically transforming the way healthcare is purchased and delivered to their employees and families.

By working directly with independent clinics and services, Time bypasses healthcare middlemen who profit from excessive fees and non-transparent pricing practices.

One notable feature of the new approach is the availability of a nursing service that aids with medical issues, as well as an independent doctor accessible on campus for teachers during the workday.

This doctor does not operate under the constraints of a hospital-employed physician, ensuring freedom from external pressures to generate revenue.

Such services offer the convenience of 24/7 availability without any out-of-pocket costs or surprises.

While the plan allows individuals to seek doctors and services outside of the network, it comes at a slightly higher cost.

However, there are no additional charges at Hoffman’s Pharmacy, and all fees are transparently passed on to those utilizing the services.

By avoiding the extraction of healthcare dollars from the community, which occurs when large medical systems expand to small towns, more resources remain within the local economy.

This surplus can be utilized to address social determinants and improve various aspects of the city, including schools and overall well-being.

Remarkably, all these benefits are achieved without an increase in healthcare premiums.

Over the past three years, the district reports saving a total of $9.5 million.

The success of this new model has prompted the inclusion of Ashtabula City employees, including firefighters, sanitation workers, and police officers, onto the same plan.

The community members who have embraced this healthcare model are experiencing remarkable financial relief.

With zero out-of-pocket costs, individuals can redirect their spending towards leisure activities like dining out, free from concerns about medical expenses.

Bryce Time emphasizes that the plan’s goal extends beyond lower prices.

It also ensures access to renowned healthcare centers of excellence such as the Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson in Houston, and Johns Hopkins, guaranteeing high-quality care.

The local community’s reliance on independent doctors and services has become a beacon of hope for other regions grappling with escalating healthcare costs.

By fostering a more cost-effective and transparent healthcare system, communities can redirect their resources towards making their cities better and improving the lives of their residents.

Note: This article is a fictional piece created using the provided information.

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