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Local Businesses Prepare for St.

Patrick’s Day Weekend

As St.

Patrick’s Day approaches, businesses with bars and restaurants are gearing up for the foot traffic that comes with the holiday.

Local businesses in Massachusetts are hoping to strike gold this weekend.

O’Brien’s in Springfield is one of the many businesses celebrating the holiday with flair.

Festivities will begin early in the morning with a welcome to the colleens and their families at 7 A.M.

Specials like corned beef and cabbage, fish and chips, and live music throughout the day will keep the celebrations going.

Owner Mark Holland believes that there is something special about watching the holiday unfold each year, adding that everybody looks forward to gathering over a nice cold glass of Guinness as a community.

Even though St.

Patrick’s Day lands on a Friday this year, festivities are expected to carry on throughout the weekend.

Local businesses are hoping that the St.

Patrick’s Day weekend will be a success, with visitors from near and far enjoying the festivities.

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