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Local 5 News at 6:00 Wins Statewide Recognition for Best Documentary Series

Local 5 News at 6:00, a popular news program in Wisconsin, has received statewide recognition for its outstanding documentary series.

The series, titled “Dish on Wisconsin: Separate Clouds,” has been awarded the Best Documentary or Series prize by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association.

This achievement highlights the program’s commitment to bringing uplifting and positive stories to its viewers, balancing out the harder news of the day.

“Dish on Wisconsin: Separate Clouds” is not your typical food review series.

Instead, it delves into the people behind the cherished tradition of supper clubs in Wisconsin.

The series sheds light on the stories and experiences of supper club owners, who have played a crucial role in the industry’s comeback after the challenging times brought on by COVID-19 restrictions.

Despite the staffing issues faced by the restaurant industry, supper club owners express their gratitude for the support received from Local 5 News and its viewers.

The series has helped promote the industry’s revival, allowing people to celebrate and create new memories with their loved ones.

The success of “Dish on Wisconsin: Separate Clouds” has prompted Local 5 News to continue exploring the rich tapestry of supper club stories.

Viewers are encouraged to mark their calendars for a special presentation of the series on May 25th at 6:30 PM.

This presentation will showcase how a simple story idea has blossomed into a beloved series that captures the essence of Wisconsin.

In addition to the Best Documentary or Series award, Local 5 News’s “Positively Wisconsin” series also received recognition for its excellence, securing the second position in the series division, right behind “Dish on Wisconsin: Separate Clouds.” The news program expresses its gratitude to the viewers for their continued support and appreciation.

The Local 5 News team is proud of their accomplishments and would like to extend their congratulations to everyone involved.

They especially thank their dedicated studio staff for allowing reporters to go out into the field and bring these captivating stories to the viewers.

The behind-the-scenes work and the stories shared have shed light on the lesser-known aspects of supper clubs, making the series a resounding success.

Local 5 News promises more exciting content ahead, as they continue to explore the unique and fascinating world of Wisconsin’s supper clubs.

Stay tuned to witness the blooming stories unfold on Green Bay’s Local 5 News.

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