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Cartel Clash Claims Lives: 5 Dead in Chihuahua as Rival Gangs Engage in Violent Shootout Partly Cloudy Wednesday with Slight Chance of Thunderstorms Expected

Local 23 News at 10 provided a comprehensive weather update on May 16th for the Valley area.

The weather conditions were reported to be less hectic compared to previous days.

The radar showed areas of rainfall across the Valley.

The weather planner indicated that there were chances of showers and storms throughout the evening.

The coastal areas experienced moderate chop in both the beach and bay regions, along with a moderate risk of rip currents.

The surf height was reported to be around 2-3 feet.

The day’s forecast included showers and thunderstorms with temperatures expected to be in the low 70s.

Looking ahead, the seven-day forecast predicted storm chances persisting until the middle of the week, after which temperatures would rise back into the 90s and more sunshine would return.

In other news, Texas lawmakers were engaged in discussions about a new crime bill.

Further details about the bill were not provided in this weather report.

To stay updated on the latest weather conditions, viewers were encouraged to download the Valley Storm Team Weather App.

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