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Little Plumeria Farms: A Hidden Gem of Colorful Flowers

Little Plumeria Farms, located on Oahu’s North Shore, is a 20-acre farm that boasts the largest collection of rare hybrid plumerias in the world.

Despite being around for 50 years, this is the first time the farm has opened its doors to the public.

Plumeria enthusiasts now have the opportunity to explore the vibrant colors and diverse scents that these flowers offer.

The farm, owned by the Little family, has been a passion project spanning multiple generations.

Clark Little, a second-generation owner, expressed his excitement about sharing their love for plumerias with the public.

Plumeria holds a special place in Hawaiian culture, being associated with iconic figures like King Kamehameha and Duke Kahanamoku.

Clark believes that opening the farm to the public allows them to educate people about the history and significance of these flowers.

Since its opening on May 1, the farm has been offering tours, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Clark shared that despite their initial nerves, seeing the excitement and happiness on visitors’ faces has made the experience truly rewarding.

Visitors are treated to a hands-on experience, learning about planting seeds and propagating plumerias.

They also have the opportunity to ask questions about the flowering process, colors, and scents.

The third generation of the Little family, represented by Dane Little, also plays a crucial role in the farm’s operations.

Dane mentioned that the farm houses hundreds of different plumeria varieties, ranging from purple and red to orange and yellow.

They have even created specific varieties named after their own family, adding a personal touch to the collection.

Looking towards the future, the Little family’s hope is to continue bringing joy to people’s lives through their vibrant plumeria blooms.

They aim to create new varieties with different colors and fragrances, ensuring that the farm remains a source of happiness and wonder for years to come.

Visitors have the opportunity to take tours of Little Plumeria Farms, either as part of a group or through private arrangements.

The tours will continue until the end of October when the flowering season comes to a close.

To learn more about the farm and book a tour against the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii, visit the website

Little Plumeria Farms is a testament to the beauty and cultural significance of these enchanting flowers.

By opening their doors to the public, the Little family invites everyone to immerse themselves in the world of plumerias and experience the joy they bring.

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