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In the recent director letter for Lies of P, Ji Won Choy provided some interesting insights about the game’s future plans for DLC, as well as what to expect from the upcoming November patch. Welcome, Supreme Team! I’m J dawg Supreme, and in today’s video, we’ll be discussing the details we gathered from the Lies of P director’s video, including hints about DLC and a potential sequel.

If you’re new here, don’t forget to check out my other videos on Lies of P, where I delve into topics like motivity and Legion. To start off, the director Letter began by highlighting the fact that Lies of P has already sold over 1 million copies. This is excellent news as it confirms several things, such as more updates for the game, ongoing work on DLC, and a potential sequel.

The director confirmed these plans, stating that the development team is actively brainstorming ideas for the DLC and the second entry in the series. Moving on, we can anticipate a substantial patch this month. Keep an eye out for my coverage of this patch, as I’ll provide more information once it becomes available.

During the video, director Ji Won hinted at various changes coming with the patch, with one significant change being the Rising Dodge skill. This skill will now become a default ability and no longer needs to be unlocked with the P organ. This is significant news because it means that if your character gets knocked down, you’ll be able to quickly dodge out of harm’s way, rather than waiting for a slow recovery.

This change is a response to criticism regarding the game’s difficulty in the early stages. To address this difficulty, the developers will also allow the character Pindia to sell two additional quarts right from the start of the game.

They have already reduced the difficulty in certain areas and previous patches by decreasing the health of certain enemies and bosses. This indicates the possibility of further difficulty reductions in the future.

Additional updates will include changes to the weapon assembly system and adjustments to the performance of specific weapons. The developers have taken player feedback into account, particularly regarding certain weapons that have been deemed underwhelming. In terms of cosmetics, various additions will be made to enhance the Lies of P experience.

In the upcoming November patch, players will receive fan-favorite character Alidoro’s costume, which includes his iconic Fox mask. Furthermore, a third accessory slot will be introduced, allowing players to wear both hats and glasses simultaneously.

As a token of gratitude from the directors, players will also receive The Alchemist hat and glasses. The director mentioned that there are more changes to come in the November patch, but further details will be revealed at a later time. Looking ahead, there are exciting future plans for Lies of P. For instance, the Lies of PE soundtrack has been well-received by players, prompting the developers to work on releasing a soundtrack with over 60 tracks. Another plan involves a crossover between Lies of P and Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

While a Lies of P weapon has already been introduced in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, the directors intend to make the crossover more meaningful for Lies of P players in the future. And finally, the eagerly awaited DLC is currently in development for Lies of P. To spark speculation and excitement, two concept art screenshots were shared, offering a glimpse into the upcoming DLC and teasing what the next chapter of Lies Of P may entail.

The first screenshot depicts an ominous ship environment with a large turbine-like fan in the center, while the second screenshot shows the protagonist on a ship that appears to be floating in the air. These screenshots suggest that Lies of P will continue to retell dark and gritty adaptations of famous Disney stories, just like they did with the story of Pinocchio. However, we can delve into further speculation on this topic in another video.

Share your thoughts and predictions about the DLC in the comments below. That concludes the information we received in the Lies of P director’s letter. It’s fantastic to hear about the game’s future, and it’s even better to receive this detailed update through a video.

The director’s passion for the game shines through, so don’t forget to hit the like button if you enjoyed this video. Consider subscribing for more Lies of P details, and be sure to check out my previous videos on the game. Thank you for watching, and I appreciate your support.-J Dog Supreme.

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