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Parents of students at Lehman High School in Kyle, Texas, are expressing their concerns about their children’s access to restrooms throughout the school day.

Some parents claim that their kids do not have enough access to restrooms, which is affecting their academic performance.

Students have been seen holding their pee and carrying an extra change of clothes to school.

Although the district denies these claims, some students at Lehman High School protested on campus, demanding more access to restrooms.

According to the Hayes Consolidated Independent School District, all restrooms on campus are open, except for one reserved for students who have in-school suspension, and two remote restrooms requiring staff escort during class periods.

However, the district is exploring solutions to keep every restroom open for students at all times, including adding a pilot program for an ID badge and key card access to restrooms.

Until a solution is found, parents are encouraged to speak up for their children.

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