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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

am interested to know what you have learned while. Campaigns are not easy, and I want to understand what you are communicating to your voters and donors.

A ago, a Wall Street Journal poll had you 14 points ahead of former President Trump. However, it seems that as Republican voters have become more familiar with you, your poll numbers have dropped. I don’t believe it is solely because of that.

Even the recent De Moines poll shows that I have the highest favorability and consideration. I believe the issue lies in the information flow.

When I got reelected, I dominated the news while Trump did not receive much coverage. The situation changed when the Alvin Brag indictment emerged, putting Trump in the spotlight.

These indictments seem to be helping him with GOP voters. Without a doubt, the Brag indictment had an impact, especially considering that many, myself included, don’t see it as a valid case. Additionally, the disparity in media coverage between Trump and me in national polls affects the information flow and ultimately impacts the numbers. However, in Iowa and New Hampshire, where I have the opportunity to personally interact with people, the situation is different.

Despite Trump receiving five times more coverage than me, I can shake someone’s hand, run advertisements, and try to level the playing field. This discrepancy may not change until people start making decisions based on their personal experiences.

Nonetheless, I believe that Governor Reynolds endorsing me is a significant moment for the Iowa caucus. People in Iowa see it as a sign to engage and pay attention. Thank you for watching. Stay updated on breaking news and top stories through the NBC News app or by following us on social media..

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