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Brisk and Breezy Conditions Await Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Pittsburgh Today Lawrence Jones Reports Live on American Killings in Matamoros, Mexico

Several Americans were murdered near the border in Matamoros, Mexico by a dangerous cartel.

Lawrence Jones reported live on the killings, along with an update on the return of kidnap victims.

According to reports, the Scorpion’s Faction of the Gulf Cartel apologized for the murders and claimed to have detained those responsible.

However, new reports suggest that the American victims may have been involved in drug trades with the cartel.

There were also prior instances with these victims within the drug community, and law enforcement is investigating the link between them and the cartel.

Despite being able to speak to one of the kidnap victims, who just returned to South Carolina, she did not answer any questions.

The Mexican cartels are taking advantage of different trades in America and preying on everyone that will get their product out to American citizens.

This incident once again highlights the urgent need to close the border.

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