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Tens of thousands of union workers in the Los Angeles Unified School District are planning to go on strike for three days next week, which will result in the temporary closure of schools.

This would be the largest walkout of workers in the Los Angeles public school system and would bring education to a halt in the nation’s second-largest school district.

The strike is due to stalled contract talks between the district and two unions, United Teachers Union and SEIU Local 99.

Both unions are calling for more full-time positions, smaller class sizes, and higher wages.

UT LA is asking for a 20% increase in wages, while SEIU is requesting a 30% increase to account for inflation.

If an agreement is not reached by Tuesday, the strike will go ahead, affecting 65,000 union workers and potentially half a million LAUSD students.

The district’s Superintendent, Alberto Carvalho, expressed disappointment with the impasse and stated that the district’s first offer was significant and historic.

UCLA will continue discussions with LAUSD, and SEIU has not yet scheduled another meeting with the school district.

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