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Lathrop’s ‘Growth Surge’ Tops California’s Fastest Growing Cities

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So not LA, Not San Francisco, and not even Sacramento was the fastest growing city in California last year, and that honor belongs to the town of Lathrop.

Next door, neighbors with Stockton, Lathrop has experienced a remarkable surge in growth.

But why is this happening? ABC 10’s Kurt Rivera has the story.

After spending 40 years working in San Jose, Marilyn Pianist decided to sell her home and move to Lathrop.

She found this small community to be free from heavy traffic and filled with friendly neighbors.

Pianist and her husband settled in Lathrop’s River Islands development, a master-planned community that opened ten years ago.

This development has the capacity for 15,000 homes, contributing to Lathrop’s surging population.

The city’s population has now exceeded 35,000, representing an impressive increase of over 11% for cities in California with populations over 30,001.

One of the primary factors driving this growth is the location of Lathrop.

Situated next to three major freeways, including i5, 205, and 120, Lathrop is a convenient location for commuters.

Affordable housing options have been built in Lathrop to cater to those working in the Bay Area.

Additionally, the proximity of the River Islands development to the Stanford Crossing development, which is set to add 2,500 housing units, further contributes to Lathrop’s growth.

When both developments are completed, Lathrop is expected to double in size, reaching a population of 70,000 residents.

The cost of living in San Joaquin County, where Lathrop is located, is 46% lower compared to San Francisco, making it an attractive option for those who have good jobs but struggle to afford housing in neighboring areas.

Former Bay Area homeowners like Marilyn Pianist have found a new home in Lathrop and have no regrets about their decision.

Pianist sold her San Jose house within three days of listing it and hasn’t looked back since.

In addition to the ongoing growth, Lathrop is also planning a light rail system that will connect to the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system.

While the project is yet to be funded, it is expected to materialize within the next decade.

Lathrop’s impressive growth and its appeal to commuters and those seeking affordable housing continue to make it an attractive choice for Californians looking for new opportunities and a change of scenery.

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