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Larry Kudlow Expresses Concerns Over the Drug Crisis in New York City

In a recent episode of “Kudlow,” FOX Business host Larry Kudlow raised alarm bells about the escalating drug crisis in New York City.

Kudlow addressed a headline featured on the front page of the “New York Post” that highlighted a new free vending machine located in the drug-infested neighborhoods of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The vending machine reportedly dispenses free crack pipes, Narcan for overdose treatment, condoms, tampons, nicotine gum, first aid kits, and lip balm.

Kudlow characterized this initiative as a “drugstore” that would only enhance drug use.

While city officials argue that these vending machines provide life-saving tools, Kudlow strongly disagrees.

He believes that such measures will not stop the surge in drug overdoses but rather normalize and perpetuate the drug epidemic.

According to Kudlow, there is no such thing as safe drug abuse.

He accuses Mayor Adams and the city of promoting an erroneous notion that drugs can be consumed without consequences.

Kudlow condemns these vending machines, as well as needle exchange programs, safe injection sites, smoke shops, and the legalization of marijuana, for exacerbating drug use, crime, and human suffering.

He shares an anecdote about a friend who witnessed a young man rolling a joint in plain sight at JFK Airport’s baggage claim, emphasizing the prevalence of marijuana use in New York City.

Kudlow asserts that marijuana is not harmless and warns about the dangers of harder drugs like fentanyl.

He warns that a fentanyl wave originating from China and flowing through Mexico is responsible for a significant number of deaths in America.

Estimates suggest that over 100,000 people may have lost their lives due to fentanyl in the past year alone.

Kudlow references the “New York Post” article, which highlights another dangerous drug called Xline.

This veterinary drug, also known as crank or zombie drug, induces a catatonic state and causes flesh-eating conditions in its users.

Kudlow expresses concern about the impact of these drugs on children and how they contribute to the existing crime wave.

He reveals that in May alone, there were 4,600 drug-related arrests, marking a 14% increase compared to the same month in the previous year.

Furthermore, the total number of arrests in the first five months of the current year has reached 21,400, which is a 24-year high.

Tragically, Kudlow criticizes New York City’s harm reduction movement, which rejects treatment centers and abstinence-based 12-step recovery strategies.

He advocates for a more proactive approach that focuses on combating drug addiction rather than enabling it.

Kudlow concludes by urging city officials to address the root causes of the drug crisis and prioritize the well-being and future of New York City’s children.

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