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A significant police presence was reported on W.

Bonniwell Road in Mequon on Wednesday evening, May 17.

There were indications of possible shots fired in the area.

The situation unfolded in a secluded area, reminiscent of a rural setting.

Upon arrival, multiple police cars were already present, and the sound of gunshots was heard.

However, specific details about the incident were not immediately available from the police.

Approximately five minutes after the gunshots were heard, an ambulance arrived at the scene, followed by additional officers and armored vehicles equipped with tactical gear.

Law enforcement personnel were observed entering the property located about a city block away from the main road.

As the situation continued to unfold, there were no reports of individuals being transported via the ambulance.

The presence of officers, along with the ongoing investigation, suggested a significant law enforcement response.

In addition to the local police, the Ozaki Sheriff’s office was also involved in the incident.

Residents in the area, characterized by a sparse population and close-knit community, expressed surprise and concern over the unusual occurrence.

Normally a quiet area, the presence of numerous police cars was an uncommon sight for the neighborhood.

As the situation progressed, with the passing of an hour since the gunshots were initially heard, the ambulance appeared to be in motion, potentially leaving the scene.

Two officers were seen walking away from the area with their weapons, indicating a possible conclusion to the event.

While there was no apparent sense of panic or chaos during the incident, the scene seemed to be wrapping up.

Authorities are yet to release official information regarding the nature of the incident or any potential injuries or casualties.

Local news outlets will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as soon as more details become available.

Source: FOX6 News Milwaukee (

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