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Landspout Tornado Touches Down in Mission Valley, Causing Damage

On the afternoon of May 9, a potential landspout tornado touched down in the Mission Valley area, creating a spectacle visible from nearby towns such as Charlo and St.


The tornado’s impact was captured in a video shared by a resident from Charlo, showing debris being whipped around in the air near an outbuilding in a field.

In St.

Ignatius, residents witnessed the funnel connecting directly to dark clouds.

Numerous individuals in the region promptly sent in videos and photos of the landspout tornado, prompting NBC Montana to compile a gallery on their website,

The news outlet also invited viewers to share their own footage or images of the phenomenon by uploading them to the website.

To shed light on the nature of a landspout tornado, NBC Montana turned to meteorologist Jed Christoph in the weather center.

He presented an incredible video sent in by Shauna Morrison, illustrating the distinction between a landspout tornado and a regular tornado.

According to Christoph, landspout tornadoes form similarly to waterspouts but are shorter-lived and weaker.

However, they can still cause damage.

The news station encouraged viewers to share any sightings, photos, or videos of the landspout tornado through their website.

As the cloud cover started to dissipate over the Mission Valley, Josie Smith shared a photo highlighting the aftermath of the landspout tornado.

However, the weather forecast predicted another round of isolated showers and thunderstorms in the coming hours and provided a detailed timeline of their occurrence, which viewers could learn about in the next segment.

Meanwhile, in Missoula, residents were dealing with flooding issues on Tower Street.

Some locals expressed concerns that the city and county authorities were not doing enough to address the problem, creating a lingering issue of contention within the community.

As the situation unfolded, residents and weather enthusiasts remained engaged, captivated by the landspout tornado and its impact on the Mission Valley.

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