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Residents of a La Habra condo complex are dealing with not one, but two massive sinkholes that have been causing problems for years.

The first sinkhole opened up four years ago and has been getting bigger ever since.

Now, a second sinkhole has formed, leaving many residents angry that repairs have not been made.

The sinkholes are located in the courtyard of the Coyote Village condos, which were built along a drainage canal.

The weight of dirt, grass, and trees on top of a thin concrete roof caused the cement to collapse in 2019, and recent rains have made the situation even worse.

The legal responsibility for fixing the sinkholes is in dispute, with the city considering the courtyard private property and believing that the homeowners should be paying for repairs.

However, the homeowners association disagrees and is suing the city.

Meanwhile, residents, many of whom are renters, are caught in the middle, with monthly fees going up and amenities like the tennis court and pool unavailable for years.

Despite more than $8 million in state funding being set aside to fix the problem, nothing has been done as the legal battle continues.

With more rain on the way, there is concern that a third collapse could occur before any resolution is reached.

The situation has left residents frustrated and aggravated at living on a construction site.

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