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LA County Lawmakers Criticize Dodgers for Removing LGBTQ Group from Pride Night

More than two dozen state lawmakers from Los Angeles County have expressed disappointment with the Los Angeles Dodgers for uninviting an LGBTQ group from their upcoming 10th annual Pride Night event.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a self-described LGBTQ group, were initially honored with the team’s Community Hero Award but were subsequently removed from the June 16th event following backlash.

The LA County delegation, consisting of 39 members of the California State Senate and State Assembly, issued a statement condemning the Dodgers’ decision.

They stated that while the Dodgers claimed to be promoting inclusivity, they instead chose to exclude a well-known LGBTQ organization with a history of philanthropic and community engagement.

The lawmakers emphasized that these values should be celebrated, not suppressed.

The controversy escalated when Florida Senator Marco Rubio sent a letter to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, outlining concerns regarding the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s use of Roman Catholic sacraments and holy orders, which many find disrespectful and mocking.

The group is known for dressing as nuns, and some individuals find this offensive.

In solidarity with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Los Angeles LGBT Center withdrew from the Dodgers’ Pride Night.

They reached out to the team, informing them of their decision and expressing their disappointment, stating that the exclusion of the LGBTQ group was a wrong decision.

The LA LGBT Center further urged the Dodgers to reconsider their choice or cancel the event altogether.

As of now, the Dodgers have not provided a formal response to the request from the LA LGBT Center.

The fallout from this decision continues to generate backlash and attention, putting the Dodgers in the spotlight as they navigate the aftermath of their decision regarding Pride Night.

Reporting live from Dodger Stadium, this is Samantha Cortese for KTLA 5 News.

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