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Museum Celebrates AAPI Month, Provides Free Stun Devices to Deter Hate Crimes

The month of May is being celebrated as Asian American Pacific Islanders Month, with various events showcasing Asian art and culture throughout the southland.

However, despite the festivities, many Asian Americans still feel unsafe in public spaces, especially since the start of the pandemic, due to an alarming rise in anti-Asian hate crimes.

In response to this concerning trend, the Martial History Museum in Los Angeles is taking action to protect the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.

Michael, the museum’s president and founder, emphasizes the importance of addressing the ongoing violence by providing self-protection tools.

As part of their commemoration of AAPI Heritage Month, the museum is distributing free stun devices to members of the AAPI community.

The museum’s initiative aims to empower individuals and enable them to defend themselves against potential attacks.

Michelle Manu, a martial arts black belt and instructor, is offering instructional sessions on how to properly utilize the stun devices at the Martial Arts History Museum.

The need for such measures has become increasingly urgent, as violence and hate crimes against the AAPI community have surged by an alarming 337% compared to the previous year.

By educating individuals, equipping them with self-protection tools, and fostering support within the community, it is hoped that these incidents can be reduced.

Michael stresses that this initiative is not about responding to violence with violence but rather about providing a sense of confidence and security so that members of the AAPI community no longer have to fear going out in public.

The museum’s involvement in promoting self-defense and combating prejudice and racism reflects their commitment to being an active participant in the community.

The museum’s efforts to support the AAPI community and combat hate crimes have been well-received.

The provision of free stun devices serves as a tangible symbol of their dedication to protecting individuals and ensuring their safety.

The Asian American Pacific Islanders Month celebrations in Los Angeles, coupled with initiatives like this one, highlight the resilience and determination of the AAPI community in the face of adversity.

By uniting against prejudice and racism, they strive to create a safer and more inclusive society for all.

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