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Silicon Valley Bank Goes Bankrupt, Causes Global Financial Turmoil Kremlin in Turmoil as Russian Authorities Cut Contact with Wagner Leader Prigozhin!

The Kremlin is facing turmoil as Russian authorities have cut contact with Wagner leader Prigozhin.

The Ukraine-Russia war continues to rage on its 380th day, with intense fighting in the city of Bakhmut.

The Moscow government is using all its resources to gain control of the city, and tensions have been rising between the Wagner leader and Russian authorities in recent days.

The issue has yet to be resolved, as the head of the Wagner group’s private military company claims he has been cut off from special communication with Russian authorities after requesting ammunition for his mercenaries.

In a telegram statement, Prigozhin said that all special communication channels have been disconnected, and all passes to decision-making departments have been blocked.

The only channel to request ammunition, according to the Wagner leader, is through the media.

It appears that more problems between the Russian military and the Wagner group will arise in the coming days.

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