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King Charles traveled to the British Parliament in the UK today to give his inaugural King’s Speech as Monarch. This speech is an important part of the State opening of parliament ceremony, which signifies the beginning of the Parliamentary year. I am joined now in London by CBS News correspondent Elaine Cobb.

Elaine, can you provide us with more details about today’s King’s speech? This is the first time in seventy years that a king has opened the British Parliament, occurring just a year after Queen Elizabeth’s passing and six months after King Charles’ coronation. King Charles delivered the customary speech that marks the commencement of a new parliamentary session. It was a grand occasion filled with elaborate protocol.

The new King journeyed from Buckingham Palace to Westminster in the Diamond Jubilee State coach, pulled by six gray horses. His arrival at Westminster was announced by cannon fire.

The crown jewels were transported separately in their own carriage. As King Charles sat on the throne, the Imperial State Crown glistened with flashes of light reflecting off its 3,000 precious stones.

While this was not his first state opening, as Prince Charles delivered the speech last year on behalf of his ill mother, it was his first as the Monarch. The King’s initial words were dedicated to his late mother, paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s service and dedication.

However, it is worth noting that the speech itself is written by the government, outlining the laws they intend to pass during the upcoming session. King Charles has been an advocate for environmental causes, but he had to announce a new round of licensing for oil exploration in the North Sea. Thank you, Elaine..

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