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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

Two 12-year-olds are facing serious charges after shooting BB guns at a Hillsboro deputy’s vehicle, causing damage to the windows. The incident occurred near Midway Street and Nundy Avenue in Gibsonton, where residents reported the kids shooting BBs at houses and passing cars.

The deputy’s vehicle was targeted, resulting in the shattering of the rear passenger window. The cousins were arrested and charged with two counts of throwing a deadly missile into a vehicle.

Thankfully, no one was injured, but the Sheriff’s Office emphasizes the potential danger and urges parents to discuss the risks of BB guns with their children. The seized BB guns will serve as evidence, and the sheriff assures that the young offenders will be appropriately punished..

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