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Ketamine Wellness Centers (KWC), a company that provides ketamine therapy for patients, has abruptly closed all of its locations in Arizona, leaving patients in a state of limbo.

Patients like Barbie Ingles, who have been receiving ketamine infusions to manage their chronic pain issues, are now forced to look for other clinics that offer this service.

KWC’s sudden closure has left patients wondering where to go next for their treatments.

According to Jess Amick, the former digital marketing manager of KWC, the company’s financial issues caused the abrupt closure.

KWC doctors have apologized to patients for the inconvenience and provided information on obtaining medical records.

Meanwhile, patients like Barbie are struggling to find a new place to continue their treatments.

Other clinics accepting new patients are being advertised, but the closure has left patients like Barbie feeling uncertain about their future.

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