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No Evidence Found to Convict Teen Arrested in Fatal Shooting Outside Jones High: ‘Build Better Cases’ Harrisburg Police Investigate Fatal Stabbing

The Kentucky House of Representatives has passed a new bill called Kemba’s Law, which aims to strengthen penalties for criminals who are convicted of killing children.

The law is named after a young girl named Kemba, who was beaten to death by her mother’s boyfriend in McCrary County.

While the perpetrator was sentenced to 45 years in prison, he will eventually be eligible for parole.

Kemba’s Law would add the murder of a child aged 12 or younger to the list of aggravated circumstances.

This means that the offender could receive life without parole or even the death penalty.

The bill has been introduced to protect children and ensure that justice is served in such cases.

Currently, there are eight crimes in Kentucky that constitute as an aggravating circumstance.

This new law would add the murder of a child to that list.

The passing of Kemba’s Law is a significant step towards protecting the state’s most vulnerable population.

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