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White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, is facing scrutiny for her comments during a recent press briefing, where she blamed the wind for causing damage to the border wall.

Fox News’ Kayleigh McEnany raised concerns about the lack of fact-checking in the media regarding this issue.

During a segment on ‘Fox News Tonight,’ McEnany highlighted Jean-Pierre’s history of attributing mishaps to the wind.

She pointed out that the White House press secretary had previously blamed the wind for President Biden’s stumble while climbing the stairs of Air Force One.

McEnany emphasized the importance of an adversarial press that holds the government accountable and seeks the truth.

She expressed disappointment in the lack of reporting and fact-checking surrounding the White House press briefings, suggesting that the media has become uninterested in fulfilling this crucial role.

Jean-Pierre’s claim that a border wall would be ineffective due to its vulnerability to wind was also questioned.

McEnany criticized the press secretary’s statement, pointing out that in some cases, the border wall had been weakened by weather conditions even before the concrete had fully cured.

The segment concluded with McEnany asserting that the American people deserve an adversarial press that asks tough, policy-based questions and provides accountability.

She pledged to deliver such accountability through Fox News Tonight, promising to offer thorough analysis and interviews that viewers cannot find elsewhere.

It is evident that McEnany believes there is a lack of fact-checking and critical reporting in the media regarding the statements made by the White House press secretary, raising concerns about the overall integrity of the press and the need for a more robust and adversarial approach.

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