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Katy Star Pizza, located in Katy, is making efforts to reunite the owners with a lost vintage photo album discovered at their establishment.

The owners of the pizza shop stumbled upon the album over a month and a half ago, finding it left behind on one of their tables.

Upon inspecting the album, they came across aged photos and documents containing a Waco address written on the inside.

Initially, the owners believed that the individual who forgot the album would return the following day to reclaim it.

Consequently, they kept the album safely stored under the counter.

However, as the days went by, no one came forward to retrieve it, leaving the owners perplexed about its rightful owner.

Expressing their desire to resolve the situation, the owner of Katy Star Pizza stated, “I really thought they would come back quickly.

I’ve given them that receiver and the things.

I don’t even remember if they paid cash or credit card.”

Adding to the limited information available, the owner recollected that the people who left the album appeared to be part of a group or some form of reunion.

This detail provides a potential lead for anyone who may recognize the individuals or be familiar with the album’s origin.

To facilitate the reunion, the pizza shop urges anyone who knows the rightful owner of the vintage photo album or recognizes any individuals in the pictures to contact them directly or visit their website.

The album holds sentimental value, and the owners are determined to ensure it is returned to its proper home.

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