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Kansas State Wildcats Ready to Take on Montana State in NCAA Tournament

Kansas State University’s basketball team, the Wildcats, are ready to dance in the NCAA tournament.

Despite their recent loss in the Big 12 tournament, they have wiped the slate clean and are looking forward to facing their first-round opponent, Montana State.

The Wildcats have been picked as the favorites to win, but they are not taking their opponent lightly.

According to Jerome Tang, one of the coaches, they have removed the numbers from the bracket and are viewing the game as one team against another on a neutral site.

They know that their opponents will be prepared, and they are determined to be the hunters rather than the hunted.

Although Montana State is the underdog, Kansas State is not taking any chances.

They have watched the TCU loss out of their minds and are viewing this tournament as a whole new season.

They have fresh legs and are fired up to play on college basketball’s biggest stage.

Jerome Tang is happy that his team is playing on Friday and not Thursday.

He wants them to watch all the games on Thursday and be reminded that anybody can be beat in the month of March.

The Wildcats are determined to avoid becoming the hunted and are looking to make a statement in this year’s NCAA tournament.

The game between the Wildcats and the Bobcats is scheduled to take place tomorrow night at 8:40 p.m.

Central Time in Greensboro Coliseum.

Kansas State is hoping to start the tournament off with a win and continue their journey towards the championship.

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